About Grant



Grant Beecher is a photographer and film maker living in Athens, Georgia. He works with both digital and analog mediums, and is skilled and experienced in many genres of photography, including various sub-genres of portraiture, vintage inspired glamour, art nude photography, conceptual portraits and traditional styles.

Grant is almost entirely self-taught in photography. His experience comes from years of experimentation and a prolific and adventurous portfolio of artistic projects. Erin Patrick at The Artifact Magazine described Grant’s work, saying, “A sort of passionate violence is evoked by his photos.” His work is largely creative, leaning toward moody, surreal aesthetics.

Grant is a passionate, dedicated photographer and creator who will tackle any project with enthusiasm and tenacity.




Here is a list of some publications in which Grant’s work has been featured:

Retro Lovely Magazine.

Inked Girls Magazine.

Ol’ Skool Rodz Magazine.

Skin & Ink Magazine.

Cat’s Meow Magazine.

Pinup Perfection Magazine.

Modified Dolls Magazine.

Pinup America Magazine.

Bella Morte Magazine.

Prick Magazine cover and feature.

Gothic Noir Magazine cover and feature.

Tattoo Envy Magazine.

Tenebrous Magazine.

Flagpole Magazine.

Garden & Gun Magazine.

And one small ad shot in Playboy Magazine that must be mentioned.


Working With Grant (A message from the photographer)

“I am a very calm, jovial, respectful kind of guy, and I put models’/clients’ safety and comfort above all else. I do a lot of directing during my shoots, but I am absolutely open to letting my subjects be themselves as much as possible. I am up for almost any idea you may have, and I am comfortable with everything from the most conservative headshots and portraits to alternative fetish fashion, latex fashions and nude concepts. I always try to photograph my subjects as authentically and interestingly as possible, even when I’m transforming them into mermaids and cutting off their arms in postwork.

I am always for hire for any type of photographic project. I am particularly experienced in portrait photography, but I also have extensive knowledge and experience with product photography and catalog work. Please feel free to contact me about a project, no matter what the type or scale. I will travel anywhere if expenses are paid. Photographic work beyond the scope of this website may be provided upon request.”